The nectar of gods

Live like a god among mortals or be a simple mortal enjoying the pleasures of the gods. Whatever you’d choose, bee honey, also known as the elixir of life, was and will remain a source of energy, health and vitality for both mortals and gods. The Thracians of the past called this product ‘live food’ and this due to the natural processing of the bee gathered nectar and pollen into something that sweetens our lives.

The colour of gold, this product is worthy of its prestige and value as a nutritional and therapeutical product of the highest rank. Having a sweet and fragrant taste, bee honey is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and organic acids.

This is exactly why we have decided to keep our ancestors’ tradition and harvest and store this product in the most natural way possible, sharing with our dear ones this miraculous product in order for all of us to eat it periodically, same as the gods of Olympus used to once upon a time. As varieties, the acacia and rapeseed honey, well known since antiquity, have beneficial effects both as a food product as well as being used in various beauty and body care therapies.

Tradition and our ancestors are our mentors in the keeping of the bee honey. Clay pots containing honey, older than 3000 years, have been found, the honey still fit for consumption. This is exactly why we use special clay pots from the Cucuteni region, the Ceramic of Cucuteni is unique in Europe, dating from 4000-3000BC, all ceramics being hand made.

In order to fully respect nature and its gifts we have applied the best practices. Thus the bee honey is taken out of the honeycomb and poured into clay pots, without being filtered or mechanically processed. Not being thermally treated (pasteurised) and not passing through various industrial machines, the bee honey remains as a true ‘raw’ food that keeps its properties throughout the years.

Another gift the bees give us is propolis, which is a ‘cocktail‘ of healing substances, it being the most powerful anti-infectious ‘medicine’ known at the moment. It’s therapeutic properties are proved in over 200 diseases, it being ‘one of the most powerful weapons in the alternative medicine’s arsenal’.

By their natural characteristics, all sorts of flower honey in our country (except the acacia) crystallize shortly after the extraction (1-3 months). Crystallisation occurs when water evaporates, and glucose is due to form crystals. Fake honey generally remain liquid. Crystallisation of honey is a natural process, so it should not be counted as a defect, but on the contrary a guarantee of its authenticity and quality.

We reached our goal and we can now be proud by our final products as being completely ‘human made’, all details being dealt with and processed manually and naturally. We cast aside technological processes and created something special, with soul, for special people. With love.

Premium products – A one of a kind product for a one of a kind person!